Heyland & Whittle Soap
By News Manager / 27 August 2015 / News

We love the traditional soaps made by Heyland & Whittle, and recently they wrote a news article explaining how these lovely bars are made! Unlike many soap makers, Heyland & Whittle don’t put any nasty chemicals or parabens into their recipes, meaning that their soaps are great for sensitive skins, and they still use a traditional cold-press method to make their soaps, which is time consuming but ultimately results in a better product.

Beautiful pure oils such as coconut and castor seed are gently melted together before being mixed with lye and the essential oils, herbs and spices, before being left to dry and cure for around 6 weeks. It’s then cut, weighed and packaged ready to use!

We stock several of the Heyland & Whittle soaps, and they’re all so nice it’s impossible to choose a favourite. Why not have a look at them next time you’re in store and you’ll see what we mean!

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