By News Manager / 13 August 2015 / News

Yes, we have stocked some crafting items here at Milners of Leyburn for some time, but the last few months we’ve been getting quite excited about all things ‘Haberdashery’.

Besides poor old Keith (owner and Managing Director), the shop’s team is made up of with ladies! It’s also fair to say that there are more than a few of us who like crafts and hobbies where we get to make beautiful things, although it has to be said the end product will vary hugely between us!

Carolyn has years of experience whilst Polly has only just to own her first sewing machine in her ...erm... 40s! We’re all delighted that Milners are growing their haberdashery range so we can continue with our love of making things. Rachael is a whizz at sewing and has even bought in a few of her wares to display just what can be made with a little time and effort.

Hobbies make for happy people! If you have details of local craft groups or societies in Wensleydale that you’d like to share please pass the details on to us so that we can spread the news, similarly if you have any pics of great ‘crafty’ items you’ve made we’d love to see them. Need inspiration? Check out Pinterest and Youtube for ideas.

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