Global Recycling Day 2020
By Jess">Jess / 18 March 2020 / News


On 18th March this year, we’re coming together to celebrate Global Recycling Day. Global Recycling Day is an initiative organised by The Global Recycling Foundation aimed at recognising and celebrating the importance of preserving and recycling our resources, particularly those made from finite fuels.


As many of us agree, we’re beginning to evolve into a throwaway society. Our possessions are often purchased, before being used for a short period of time, and then quickly become obsolete or are disposed of when something more exciting is created - clothing, electronic devices, toys, home furnishings and cosmetics are just a few that spring to mind. Like everyone, we understand that as a business, as a team, and as individuals, we have responsibilities both professionally and personally for our environment, and it’s important to think about the choices we make and the responsibility we take when making them.

We are in a climate emergency! We have ice melting at a terrifying rate, wildfires, rapid deforestation and oceans heavily polluted with our discarded waste. You don’t have to read far to realise the implications of this are alarming!


Whilst we’re just a small business with a handful of team members, it’s important to remember that if we all make our contribution, it develops into a bigger ripple effect. Last year, in order to work towards reducing our waste and continual use of resources we started working with Circular Economy, to understand how we can implement positive changes in a manageable and measurable way that has meaning.

Here are some of the ways that we as a business are working towards reducing our impact on our environment:

  • We send our fabric offcuts to the Wensleydale School to be used as resources in their lessons
  • We send tubes and boxes to Leyburn Primary School to be used as resources in their lessons
  • All of our polythene, cardboard, hard plastics, and paper are fully recycled
  • We also contact our suppliers to access their stories and actions and encourage them to look at alternatives for packaging.
  • We no longer offer or supply plastic bags in our shop
  • When considering new suppliers, we are looking more at British suppliers, to reduce CO2 emissions & support British industry.

Things we’d like to do

Although we’re making our contribution, we know there’s still a lot more we could do. In the future, we’d like to implement a strategic plan with timescales and small step actions with Circular Economy. Another thing we’d like to do to increase our own awareness is visit our recycling contractors to understand where our waste goes to next and some of the possibilities for reuse. There are even little considerations we can make, such as thinking about how Keith travels to our customers and the impact that has on our local environment, as well as taking part in some tree planting in the local area and do more composting to offset our carbon footprint. Each of these small steps we’re taking is in an aim to create a positive impact on our future generation and the planet.

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