The Perfect Present
By Emma">Emma / 10 March 2020 / News

In case you hadn’t noticed, Alice has been a busy bee this month getting crafty in anticipation of Mother’s Day! This weeks project is a little more complicated but will leave you with a beautiful tote bag, ideal for carrying shopping after a quick pit-stop into town. Here, Alice talks us through the process of creating this handy craft, and what she gathered from our haberdashery department for her project.

First of all, you’ll need to dust off the sewing machine, gather some pretty material (how much you need depends on the size of bag you’d like to make), a pair of scissors, some thread and pins.

1. First, cut four rectangles all the same size from your fabric. Pin the pieces together in pairs along the short edges. Then, sew the 2 sections together along a long edge.

2. Next pin three of the four sides together leaving the top open and sew together, to create a bucket-like shape.

3. Next, turn in the top edge of the bag and sew, to create a neat finish along the top.

4. Next, onto the handle. You need to cut 4 long rectangles from your fabric, 2 for each handle. The length of these will determine the length of your handle.

5. Fold, pin and sew in the edges of these rectangles to create neat edges, then sandwich them together to create strong handles.

6. Then, once you have created these long tubes, pin the ends to the top each side of the bag.

7. Finally, sew on the handles, I used a cross to securely fasten them on.

8. You might want to give the final bag an iron to flatten out any seams but otherwise, you’re all done and have a beautiful tote bag!

There you have it! Another simple but fab craft, perfect if you’re struggling to find something your mum will love this Mother’s Day! Pop in to see us if you’ve got your own project in mind, we have lots of fabric remnants as well as hundreds of buttons, threads and zips for you to choose from!


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