Sharon: Milners Seamstress
By News Manager / 28 May 2015 / News

I started taking an interest in sewing from about the age of 9, where in primary school we used to use the old singer sewing machines with a handle on the wheel!

I pestered my parents into buying me my first electric sewing machine for Christmas at the age of 11. As it was quite expensive, it was bought on the condition that I did their clothing alterations free of charge (this is still going ongoing 30 years later!) I think they have had their monies worth!

I have worked for Milners now for about 5 years. Firstly just doing the alteration service for the clothing department, and then progressing to the curtain/blind making side of things fairly soon after.

I love my job! I love the fact that each order is completely different to the last one - mainly because we have such a vast array of fabrics to choose from, with Jane Churchill and Ian Mankin being some of my personal favourites.

There are so many looks you can create for your windows by having curtains made to measure. You can change the look of a curtain by adding a different heading i.e. pencil pleat, eyelet or tri-pleats. Adding a trim or contrast fabric to the leading edge can make each pair individual to the customer.

Making up of curtains can vary in time depending on what style you choose. Most of our curtains are nearly all hand stitched and all curtains have a hand stitched hem to which we always include weights. This, along with the quality of lining we use adds to the difference between these and a pair of ready-mades!

I have had quite a few unusual jobs this past year which at times have been a little challenging, but the satisfaction I get from seeing something completed and knowing the customer was happy, makes it all worthwhile.

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