Make Your Own Hanging Pinecone Bouquet
By Emma">Emma / 13 December 2019 / News

Does the idea of making your own wreath stress you out? If so we've got the perfect solution to adorn your door with a beautiful festive decoration with a lot less hassle. Keep reading as Emma talks you through how she made our latest addition to the Milners door.

1. We gathered a selection of ribbons that complimented each other. For this example, we chose a neutral palette with a splash of sparkle, but you can customise to any colour palate or ribbon you might already have. We used approximately 15 metres of ribbon in total for this craft. We made good use of our wreath door hook too


2. Some pinecones we’d previously foraged, got a new lease of life with some of our Little Greene sample pots of paint. Tools we used were a staple gun, though drawing pins could be used instead. Unless you have multiple pairs of hands, a blob of sticky tack to hold the ribbon in place for stapling or pinning is handy too.

3. To create a tidy fixing of the ribbon, we overturned the 2 bottom corners of the widest ribbon before attaching. Repeat with all ribbons, making sure lengths are varied.

4. Gather all ribbons together and tie then in a knot, being careful of one-sided patterned ribbons so you can still see the pattern.

5. Voila! Hang in a place where all can admire. (Longest ribbons at the back and shortest towards the front to give the waterfall effect)

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