Charlotte's Christmas Creation!
By Emma">Emma / 10 December 2019 / News

Here at Milners the unveiling of our Christmas window has become somewhat of an anticipated event thanks to Charlotte’s hard work creating some amazing displays. Today she’s telling us a little about what inspired this years circus-inspired creation, we love the finished result and if you haven’t seen it yet we think you’re definitely missing out (although we might be a little biased!).

For this years Christmas window we have put White stuff in the limelight with their splendiferously seasonal felt decorations- featuring a carousel of circus critters as well as woodland creatures in their winter woollens.

We have also created a miniature Milners complete with a magic flying Milners van. We used Little Greene's printed boxes to build the structure then added lots of extras to help us put our stamp on it! Keep an eye out for a blog post later in the month with a few more details on this creation!



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