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By Emma">Emma / 4 December 2019 / News

We'll finish our team blogs with a natter with our fitter, seamstress and carpet fitter, before that we've got the last of the Milners team blogs with our Business Developer, Emma. Emma has personality that is gregarious, adventurous, passionate, fun and always up for a challenge, let's find out more through a Q & A with her.

What are your responsibilities here at Milners of Leyburn?

I split my time between developing the business & working within Interiors. My main passion & experience sits within Interiors, business and customer service. No two days are the same. I get to work with fabulous people, recognise opportunities & bring some of those opportunities to fruition. There's loads of really exciting things we can do with Milners!

How did you end up here?

I relocated back to Wensleydale 3 years ago, accidentally met Keith & Leonie at a party and tried to introduce them to one another!! My love & experience of interiors, visual merchandising & business, coupled with the values of the Milners made it an obvious choice. It's crucial that our personal values are aligned with the values of the business. The opportunities that Milners have also really excites me!

What have you been up to before you got to Milners?

I'm a creative soul and got a degree in 3D Design, this was followed by 12 years at IKEA where I started in the Communication & Interior Design department. I later moved into the Environmental Specialist role and then Community Specialist position within Marketing. After taking redundancy, I'd planned on teacher training, but life had a different path for me and I relocated back to Wensleydale. Before Milners I trained as a Teaching Assistant. In between all of that I have a teenage son, spent 5 weeks living in a mud hut in Kenya completing a Glass Apprenticeship and time in Cambodia as part of the IKEA Soft Toy Campaign. Last year we were very fortunate and travelled around the world for a wedding in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I LOVE TRAVELLING! It's character building, makes you stronger, broadens your horizons and is a fantastic way of meeting different people. Volunteering is also something I've been fortunate enough to experience as a Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator for Durham Constabulary and as a school governor.

What are your loves?

Top of the list is definitely family & friends. Sunshine & summer, red wine, anything to do with interiors, design and making. Reading, music, challenging myself, food and more food, travelling, respect, sleeping, socialising and I'm a massive advocate for anything connected with looking after our planet, nature and each other. Hugging trees springs to mind!

Any life motto's?

Live life to the max! If you are loved & love, you have everything. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Plans for the future?

Professionally, perhaps working within education or going back to university to expand on my love of all things environmental & global warming. To be the best mum I can be and help my son to grow up to be healthy, happy, resilient, respectful & dynamic. Obviously to travel! Japan is highest on the list. Also on there is other destinations within Asia, Scandinavia, N.Z, Italy, some more of Ibiza and continue our adventures in California. Leave the world in a better place than I found it. Be the best, healthiest & happiest myself & family can be.

Fave Milners product?

That's tricky! Within Ladies I love White Stuff. Within Interiors- fabrics & wallpapers, I especially love Harlequin, Linwood, Moon, Penthouse and Orla Kiely.

Best joke?

"Tom’s wife was heavily pregnant & craving snails. She asked Tom if he would nip out to get her some to satisfy her craving. Whilst out, he passed his mate Jed. It had been a long time & wasn't long before Jed managed to persuade tired, strained Tom to grab a "quick pint". One drink lead to another and before Tom knew it, it was 01:00 in the morning and he was still holding up the bar with a bag of snails. His wife was going to be furious! He rushed home, and stumbled up the front steps, dropping the snails. At that moment, his wife angrily opened the door demanding to know where he'd been?! Tom, looked down at the snails scattered all over the path and ushered “C’mon guys and we’re almost there!”


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