A Beautiful Bathroom Makeover!
By Emma">Emma / 11 November 2019 / News

There’s nothing more we love than breathing new life into a neglected, unloved room. Maybe it’s just a functional utility room or a spare bedroom, they all deserve a little love even if it’s just a fresh lick of paint!

We recently helped a customer give their bathroom a new look using a few of our favourite brands from our interiors department! Here’s a few words from the customer about how they transformed their tired bathroom into a serene place to relax.

"Milners helped me to refresh my bathroom by upcycling my existing bathroom furniture to make it look brand new! I didn’t want to splash out on an expensive new bathroom so it was a case of finding affordable items to brighten up the room and make it look more modern. I added a new worktop and sink since this was something I really needed but then turned to Milners to help me pick out the perfect paints and I also had a blind made to fit too.

The roller blind is a Dutton & Gavin blind which I think is modern and understated yet still just a bit different to everything I’d seen before. I then used Little Greene paints; the All-Purpose Primer and then a selection of colours which complemented my blind perfectly. The primer was fab-it meant I could paint any surface, including my existing veneer units, to make them look brand new!

The Milners team were fab-they were the ones who suggested upcycling my units rather than spending huge amounts having new ones made. After all, there was nothing wrong with them-they just needed freshening up! I was able to pay for orders over the phone which made the whole process even more convenient and smooth. Thank you for all of your help, not only have you saved me a fortune but I love my ‘new’ bathroom and I’m already planning lots more projects!"

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