Make Your Own Spooky Spiderweb!
By Emma">Emma / 22 October 2019 / News

Halloween is just around the corner and to us it’s the perfect excuse to crack on with a new craft project! This year Alice took on the task of creating a spooky decoration for our front door using materials from our haberdashery department. She opted for a wreath-style decoration with a twist to suit the spooky season. Read on to find out what she got up to!

For my Halloween craft this year I decided to include one of my favourite crafty creations-pom poms! I found a wire metal circle lying around at home and that was what sparked my idea-I could turn it into a spiderweb using black wool and decorate it with pom-pom spiders.

To re-create my project you will need wool ( I chose black but you could add any colour!), some stiff cardboard, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue.

So to begin with you will need to make lots of pom poms to be the bodies of your creepy crawlies. To do this you can either use a pom pom maker or follow these steps to start from scratch:

  1. Draw two circles on cardboard, slightly larger than what you would like your pom-pom to be. In each of the circles draw a small circle in the middle. Proceed to cut them out-they should look lie donuts.
  2.  Place the two cardboard circles on top of each other and use a slip knot to attach your wool to the circles. This will also double up your wool so that you can wrap a little faster.
  3. Wrap the wool around the cardboard circle pulling the wool through the centre. Continue until you have covered the entire circle 1.5 times to ensure your pom pom is full.
  4. To cut the wool loops, use the space between the cardboard circles as a guide as to where to cut (i.e., place your scissors in between the circles and cut all the way around).
  5. Once the loops are all cut secure them together by tying a piece of wool around them in the centre of the cardboard circles. Make sure this length of wool is long enough to secure your pom poms to your base. Once secure, pull off the cardboard circles. 6. You should end up with a perfectly round pom-pom that needs none to very little trimming.

Once you’ve created enough pom poms to adorn your web it’s just a case of bringing them to life! Cut your pipe cleaners into lengths to form the legs and securely glue them to the centre of the pom poms. Next just add the googly eyes and your little critters are complete.

To display them over the Halloween period you could thread lengths of wool and hang them in your windows. Or, like me create a spiderweb using more wool woven across a circular frame.

Let us know what you think of our wreath and send us any photos of your creepy crafts!



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