Happy Anniversary Joules!
By Emma">Emma / 25 September 2019 / News

This month we have been all about Joules, as the company celebrated their 30th Anniversary. We love being stocklists of a huge range of Joules products, from jumpers and dresses to hats and coats and we know you love our Joules pieces too!

To round off our celebration of all things Joules we thought we would take a look at the history of the brand and how they have got to where they are today.

Established in 1989, the Joules brand started out at a humble country show, where Tom Joule sold a few clothing items to a small number of customers. Most of which, he knew by name. These customers were wearing practical pieces suitable for country living but lacked any creativity and style. His vision was to combine the two and incorporate the bright colours seen in towns and cities, into practical garments to suit his countryside audience.

Tom Joule and his team began creating classic pieces with an intentional twist, whether that was a mismatched button, a luminous lining fabric or a mix of fabric patterns. These pieces quickly became must-haves for his customers and his client base grew and grew thanks to his innovative design vision. The pieces were still practical to be worn every day while delivering a new level of style never seen before.

Following this success, Tom took a huge risk and placed a large order for shiploads of his products to be delivered here to the UK. However, shortly after in 2001 the company-and the country was hit by a devastating blow. 2001 saw the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease across the UK, meaning all country shows were cancelled so Tom and his team had nowhere to sell their abundance of stock.

Would this be the end of the company? Of course not! Tom and his team weren’t giving up that easy. They loaded up their cars and travelled across the whole of the UK, persuading retailers to buy and sell the products. This slight hiccup is how the business model that Joules follows today came about and it was easily the best thing that could have come from the incident.

The next step was for Tom and his team to open their own Joules stores. The following year the team returned to their country show stalls and built up a database of customers, allowing them to establish a basic mail-order system. With the wholesale customer base hungry for more and more, and mail order customers increasing, it wasn’t long until the first Joules store opened in Market Harborough and the online store was launched.

From then on Joules has done nothing but grow, with international websites launched and stores popping up all over the UK. As a nation, we’re hungry for the practical pieces paired with unusual patterns that we know and love Joules for, and it’s no different here in Leyburn!

If you haven’t already, please pop in to store to take a look at our extensive range of Joules products. We’re receiving new items each week as the winter pieces come into stock. It’s hard to choose which ones are our favourites but we've picked out a few down below!






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