Our Trip To Moon!
By Emma">Emma / 6 September 2019 / News

We're proud to support British industry, even better when they're in Yorkshire! In May, Keith & Emma visited one of our British, Interiors suppliers- Abraham Moon, a wool fabric company based in Guiseley.

Established in 1837, Abraham Moon, is the only remaining wool manufacturer in Guiseley. They've stood the test of time and adapted to changing markets, for example, in earlier days they supplied with homes with yarn to weave and the British Army their uniform during WWI. Zooming ahead to the current day, they have 3 shops as well as many smaller stockists like ourselves selling both fashion & interior goods.

Keith & Emma were taken on a journey, starting with the Abraham Moon history. "We then met some of the Moon team, had a fascinating factory tour to see raw wool through dyeing, blending, carding, spinning, warping & weaving through to the finished fabrics. We finished with the Design Team and a sneak peak at next seasons collection. When you see the process as a whole, you understand what fantastic value the products are!"

What inspired us?

"The complexity of the processes- there's so many of them! The attention to detail is admirable & you witness that quality control is always a priority. Seeing the wool as it comes in all the way to the beautiful end product is commendable!"

Emma particularly loved how economical & ethical Moon are- "Very little is wasted. Fibres & waste material is recycled into new yarns. I also love that a proportion of the wool is sourced locally from the British Isles."

A favourite part of the day for Keith was meeting the design team. "Getting a sneak peak at the next range is enjoyable! Even more pleasing, is understanding what's inspired that range, how it's evolved, who has an impact on how its development and how important the consumers opinion is- that part is very humbling. It makes a difference when you know your suppliers genuinely care!"

Abraham Moon produces the most stunning checks, tweeds, twills, geometrics & stripes. These fabrics are not only beautiful & timeless, but also warm & cool when needed, resilient, fire, mould & mildew resistant, hypoallergenic, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, have a much lower carbon footprint than some other materials, support British farming and British Industry.

Abraham Moon, we commend you & are proud to have you as a supplier to Milners of Leyburn. Thank you for your kind hospitality and producing the most wonderful wool fabrics!



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