Lets Get To Know Leonie!
By Emma">Emma / 7 August 2019 / News

For our third team blog, we take a sneak peek at the 5th generation of the Milner’s- Leonie, through a speedy Q & A probing.

How would you describe yourself? I enjoy supporting those around me & the local community. I have a zest & energy for life & love adventure! In 3 words: positive, kind & realistic.

What did you study at university? Music. In particular, the piano & flute. Music is a big part of our family!

What are your biggest achievements? Having 2 children, 20 years of marriage & successfully running a business with Keith. I’ve also completed a tandem skydive, a zip wire across the Tyne River, two Walk the Walks, a Zumba Zest Weekend and cycled the Coast to Coast- 102 miles in 2 days!

How do you like to relax & revel in the bliss of having some spare time? Cooking, listening to & watching live music, walking Teddy, catching up with mates and enjoying time in the Dales Community Pop Choir.

What’s your favourite place? Arisaig in Scotland. I have many happy childhood memories there, it’s incredibly tranquil & soul cleansing!

What are your top 3 songs? Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack, 2nd Movement of Maurice Ravels Piano Concerto in G Major and anything by Coldplay

Do you have a bucket list & if so, what’s on it? I’d love to travel more, outside of Europe in particular. India takes my fancy. To explore the culture, people, countryside & food. Immersing myself back into playing the piano again, being a mum has meant my love of music has taken a bit of backseat. I’d like my family to be healthy & happy!

What’s your preferred season? I love spring! New life, everything is fresh & there’s an anticipation of what’s to come.

Lastly Leonie, who would win a disagreement- Batman or Spiderman? Neither! Wonder Woman would bang their heads together & help sort it out!!


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