Betty's Blog: Exceptional Customer Service
By News Manager / 21 May 2015 / News

After our team meeting one Tuesday morning, we opened the doors for the day. Lots of people were coming in, browsing around, and the phone was ringing. Carolyn got to the phone first, answering very politely and listening to the lady on the other end of the phone enquiring about a Lebek jacket that she could not find in stock anywhere. Carolyn was not entirely sure if we had what she was looking for, and transferred the lady to the correct department in Milners.

Fortunately, I received Carolyn’s transfer and dealt with the lady’s enquiry for a red Lebek blazer. After many questions and answers, including ‘Does it have three red buttons on the front?’, ‘What about two pockets?’ ‘Padded shoulders?’ the lady and I concluded that we did indeed have the jacket she was looking for, and to top it off, we had it in her size. She was delighted!

I took payment over the phone, and then went down to the post office to check postage costs before ringing the lady back to see which one she would like to choose. Once the customer decided which postage she would like, I sent the parcel to her all the way in Inverness!

The following morning, I happened to answer the phone, and on the other end was the customer from the previous day, ringing to thank me for our exceptional customer service. She had received her parcel through the post just before she rang and she was thrilled – the jacket was perfect!

This was my first experience of taking a payment over the phone and posting a garment to an external customer. I’m glad it went so well!

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