Unwanted Fabric to Fabulous Frock!
By Emma">Emma / 12 July 2019 / News

Our haberdashery section is a treasure trove of buttons, ribbons, wool and most importantly fabric remnants to help you carry on crafting without paying excessive amounts to complete each project. A few months ago, a roll of mink-coloured silk caught Alice’s eye and she was inspired to put it to good use in making her own dress. Here she tells us how she transformed the leftover fabric to a stunning gown.

"I hadn’t gone anywhere near a sewing machine since GCSE textiles a few years ago now so taking on such a task was a bit crazy and difficult to say the least. I started out by finding a pattern that I thought was simple enough and I would be happy to wear once the dress was complete. Once I had selected my pattern it was a case of first cutting out the right sizes from the delicate paper it was printed on and pinning it to my fabric. With the silk fabric I chose it was important to consider which side to pin the pattern so that the other side of the fabric would match on every panel.

It was then time to start the sewing! Thankfully my auntie has some dress making experience so she helped point me in the right direction and let me use her overlocker to start off the sewing. I also wanted my dress to be fully lined which added an extra obstacle to tackle. I had to carefully follow the pattern to cut another set of panels from my lining fabric which I would then later sew to the inside of my silk fabric to help give it structure and make it look professional. Next came the zip which was probably one of the most difficult things to do-if sewn in wrong it would ruin the look and fit of the dress. It took a couple of attempts but I’m really happy with the final finish. So now I had a fully lined dress complete with a zip and tailoring tucks to ensure it fitted me perfectly. All I had to do now was decide on some decoration.

I opted to decorate the dress with diamantes and added these around the neck, split and all around the bottom to make it stand out. To add some extra shape I also added a belt which I love!

It wasn’t the easiest project ever, but it was hugely rewarding to create something I could actually wear. It just shows that fabric from our remnants section really can be made into anything!"

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