Meet Keith!
By Emma">Emma / 10 July 2019 / News

Once upon a time, Keith was known for fast motorbikes, casually travelling the globe, getting entwined in wind-up’s that saw him nailed under a floor or being pulled along in a shopping trolley behind a van…

Is he still the happy-go-lucky chap he used to be?

With the responsibilities that come with marriage, family & directing a business, it’s a challenge maintaining the more extreme things on his bucket list, but then Keith is a mixed bag and clearly not as extreme as he once was!

He grew up in Abingdon & is the eldest of 3 brothers, has starred in ‘Songs of Praise’, maximised a Highbury Season Ticket, dabbled in different global cuisines (lamb intestines being his favourite) and was there to relish in the moment that Gazza scored in the FA Cup Final at Wembley. Before Milners, Keith worked within engineering as a Construction Contracts Manager. In more recent years Keith, Leonie & the girls loved their holiday in Greece, in-particular for Keith, the moment the foursome very daringly sailed around the windy & choppy waters of Paxos! Many of you will also know Keith, Leonie, David & Linda for their moment of stardom in ‘The Department Store’ (still on YouTube) when Keith & Leonie began to take on the responsibility of being the 5th generation to manage Milners of Leyburn.

Spare time includes running with Leonie & Teddy, being dad to 2 teens, Rat & Total Warrior races and Laser Racing in his boat.

Unwinding involves walking Teddy, sailing & his guilty pleasure- Coronation Street. Then there’s Keith’s other guilty pleasure, the one he tries to keep hush hush…. during a heavy week at work, Keith can regularly be spotted, in the Milners van, taking a nap. But ssshh, Keith doesn’t know that we all know!!

Likes are curries, a good sense of humour. family time & time on his own.

Dislikes are impatience & insolence.

5 years from now Keith envisages being child free & dreams of an annual holiday.

Then there’s the bucket list. Climbing a mountain, jumping out of a plane, in fact, anything that’s scary- is on the radar! Perhaps we’ve not seen the end of the happy-go-lucky Keith yet?



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