Our New Interiors Office!
By MilnersAdmin">MilnersAdmin / 31 October 2017 / Interiors

Wow! That is our reaction to our new Interiors Department office.

Those of you who have visited our Interiors Department before will know that our office space was located just up the stairs in the centre of the room. After a reshuffle it was agreed that the new office space should be moved to the end of the room to allow for more space for our gorgeous interiors collections!

Not only does the move free up lots of space on our Interiors Department floor, it was also the opportunity to create a wonderful new workspace for the Interiors team.

The new space has allowed us to add in a large pin board that the team can use to display all their design and creative inspiration. We think this gives the office the feel of a design studio and we are sure it is a place our customers will enjoy discussing their interiors projects.

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