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Established in 1988, Kersaint Cobb is the natural choice when it comes to choosing quality pure wool floor coverings.

Along with cutting edge design there are over 250 floor coverings to choose from so you cannot fail to match practical needs with the latest styles. At Milners we offer the following flooring options:


Wool is a fibre that has natural insulating properties, which reduce heat loss, condensation and reduce noise, providing improved air quality and a comfortable environment.

Wool has resilience which gives it the ability to bounce back after being compressed.

Wool has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and the scaled structure of the fibre which act as a shield against dirt. It is naturally flame resistant and produces less toxic fumes than most other materials.


The non-allergenic wool blend is able to trap dust within its microscopic scales which prevents floating dust in the home so that it can be vacuumed later. This keeps the air cleaner for breathing and is great for allergy sufferers.


Woven from the dark green leaf of the Agave Sisalana plant. Sisal is the best all round plant fibres and is tough without feeling too rough. Sisal can be bleached to a pure white allowing it to be dyed to any number of soft earthy or vibrant contemporary shades.

We would recommend choosing Sisal for heavy wear areas and stairs.


Made from coconut husks, the strongest of plant fibres which can be used anywhere in the home. Coir has a sturdy rough texture and is perfect for busy family homes that require something hardwearing.

Sea Grass

Grown in the paddy fields of China, seagrass is harvested and spun into a strong yarn. This waxy fibre is water and stain resistant yet hard to dye so is only available in a natural palette and is the obvious choice if you are looking to create a neutral and earthy interior.


Jute is the softest of all plant fibres and has a luxurious finish. It is however difficult to clean and is best suited to quiet homes!