Interior Design Yorkshire

What Do We Offer

Interiors can be as simple or complex as you want. Our aim is to deliver  the Interior you dreamed of in an efficient manner, co-ordinated with other trades, on time and to budget. We are happy to provide guidance and assistance or to  advise you when planning and making choices about schemes you have in mind.
We usually do not charge for our management time as we feel this should be part of the complete service that we are pleased to offer.

Our Approach

We would like you to come into the showroom and feel you can relax and find the products that will work for you.
You will find that we can help as little or as much as you choose. Most customers feel they can relax and browse at their leisure without interference.. We feel this approach works for us as we find that our customers will then engage with us, knowing that our overriding aim is to help you.
The showroom has been created to help our customers pull out and compare products in the same location. This helps at the initial design stage as then you can take home only the products you feel may work for you. 


General Design Advice

We believe that everyone is creative and has their own design solution inside their head.
Our job is to find this design solution and present it to you for you to consider.
We will encourage you to be honest with us. Please don’t be polite if we start finding things that you don’t like, tell us so we can move on to the right things.
We will always make sure that the design is what you want and not what we have found for you. 
If you are not sure, trust you gut instinct to tell you if it is right or wrong.
Interior Design does not need to be fancy or over complicated. The best schemes can be the simplest schemes.
Sometimes the answer is there straight away and sometimes it will take some time. This is normal.
Sometimes you won’t be in the right mood to make decisions and this can be frustrating. Don’t worry, next visit you will be.


General Design Considerations

What is you look and style, what is the property look and style, how can we combine them?
Have you any key furniture, pictures, rugs, etc that you want to co-ordinate with.
Visualise what you want to achieve. Sketch it or write it down.
What is important to you? Colour, pattern, texture?
What do you want someone to notice when they come into the room?

Project Planning

We have extensive planning experience to ensure that your project is delivered on time.
We will establish any critical dates with you and then work back through the design, manufacture and making up stages to ensure we can deliver on time.
We will run through the whole programme of works with you and identify key dates which need to be met by us and others.


Costs are inevitable and important and we like to be very open during the initial discussions to ensure that the costs are under control and we are considering the right products.
As the design develops we will produce a cost plan to show potential costs and where your budget is being spent. This way if we are over budget we can look at options to trim down costs in the right area.
Once we have established the scheme and completed the survey we will then provide a fixed quotation. We will always fix our quotations so that you know what you will be paying and when. The quotation will clearly describe what works are included and it will only change if you ask us to carry out additional works.


Frequently asked questions?


How do I know your services are right for me?

Come in and see us and see how you feel. If you feel comfortable then we can start talking and see where the conversation takes us.

I find this whole process daunting

Don’t worry, you are in safe hands. We are not pushy and genuinely want to find a solution for you that you love.
Our business is built on trust so for us to help you will need to trust that we will guide you to the products that you like.

I feel uncomfortable selecting in the showroom

We operate an ‘appro’ system where books can be borrowed, (taken home on approval) . This way you can spend time at your leisure making your selections.

How much information do you need to start helping me?

We can start building up a scheme and costings from nothing. As the planning progresses and more information is available then we can firm up the scheme.

When should I start talking to you?

The more time we have the better we can help plan the design, the installation and the costs together.

I have had a bad experience with a previous designer and am unsure now.

Our business is built on trust and integrity. If you can be open and honest with us it helps us to understand your concerns and put measures in place to prevent problems happening again.
Things usually go wrong if they haven’t been discussed or assumptions have been made by either party. By going through the planning process systematically then this should eliminate most potential problems.