General Introduction

Your choice of curtains can make a real statement about you and your home. The choices can reflect your personality and are usually based on a combination of style and colour. Milners have a wide range of pattern books available to help you achieve your desired look.

Our Service

We have a wide selection of samples in our showroom that you can browse and take home to try out for colour and texture. We offer a free design and home visit service to carry out any survey work required to give the best advice possible and ensure that the right products are found for you.

General considerations for curtains

Your curtains can be chosen to make a real statement or blend into your overall scheme.The first decision is to select the fabric that works for you. It’s always useful to have an initial idea of how you would like your room to look so we can help find products that work for you. We would always encourage our customers to bring in any items that could be coordinated with the curtains.

The next stage is to decide the type and style of curtains you want. This includes the type of lining, the heading required and whether accessories such as poles, tracks, tiebacks or holdbacks are required.

The final stage is to confirm all the requirements back to you so that you know we have interpreted everything correctly and then to confirm the costs.

Frequently asked questions?

How much will it cost?

This is a good question to ask first so we can establish what range of fabrics to look at to fit the budget.

Do I have to make a selection in the showroom?

No you are welcome to borrow our pattern books and take them home to look at it your home. This way you can take your time and see how the fabrics look in the room they will be going in.

Can you do the measuring for me?

Yes, we offer a free of charge advice and measuring service.

Can you work from my dimensions?

Yes, and please feel free to ring us if you are unsure of what information we need.

Who will make my curtains?

Our seamstress Sharon makes all our curtains. Sharon is a perfectionist and always ensures that the products are made to the highest standards. Al curtains are then double checked before being approve for collection/fitting.

What is the lead time?

Usually 4-6 Weeks.

I have had a bad experience previously and I’m unsure now?

Our business is built of trust and integrity. If you can be open and honest with us it helps us to understand your concerns and put measures in place to prevent problems happening again.