Your choice of flooring can make a real statement about you and your home. The choices are endless and are usually based on a combination of style, colour, practicalities and durability. Milners have a wide range of floor coverings to help you achieve your desired look.

Our Service

We have a wide selection of samples in our showroom that you can browse and take home to try out for colour and texture. We offer a free design and home visit service to carry out any survey work required to give the best advice possible and ensure that the right products are found for you.

General Considerations for Flooring

In most instances it will be a straight forward decision when choosing between what floor covering you might prefer. The first decision is usually based on practicalities. So you may prefer a hard, serviceable floor in a kitchen or a wool carpet in you drawing room. The next choices involve the style, colour, texture and cost of your floor covering. It also worth considering how much traffic will use the floor and how durable the floor should be. We are happy to guide you through the selection process if you like so that we can establish which floor covering may best fit your needs and budget.

Wool Carpets

We carry a wide range of wool carpets ranging in price, colour, style and durability. Wool is a natural product and is extremely resilient and will keep its appearance over a long period of time. Wool is easily dyed so contact with red wine, juice will stain. However wool carpets can be treated with stain protection to help reduce this risk. Wool carpets are easy to maintain and look and feel great.

Synthetic Carpets

Synthetic carpets are a great alternative to wool that can look great at an affordable price.

Over the last 25 years synthetic yarns have transformed the carpet industry as the costs can be lower than wool and the yarn can be bleach and stain resistant.

Natural Carpets

Kersaint Kobb natural carpets include coir, jute, sisal and seagrass. These materials are natural and look fantastic when installed, making a real style statement. The fibres can be factory treated with stain protection. The installation differs from the traditional fitting methods as it is stuck to the underlay to stop movement under normal traffic conditions.


Wood flooring is a great alternative to carpet and is hard wearing, easy to maintain and durable. Specialist fitting is required to ensure that room is left for the wood to expand and contract under normal atmospheric conditions. Testing prior to installation for moisture is critical to ensure that the wood floor will perform well and keep its appearance over time.


Karndean laminate flooring is an alternative to wood or ceramic tiling. It can be more cost effective and easier to maintain over its installation life. It is ideal in all areas of the house and is particularly effective in wet areas as it is easy to mop and dry.


Vinyl is a great solution in kitchens and bathrooms as it is relatively cost effective compared to laminate flooring and easily maintained in wet areas.

Frequently asked questions?

How much will it cost?

This is a good question to ask first so we can establish what range of flooring to look at to fit your budget. The final selection is usually a compromise on cost and durability.

Do I pay the fitter?

No, all your dealings are directly with Milners of Leyburn.

How good are your fitters?

We understand that it’s not always easy having strangers come into your home to carry out work. Milners work on a high level of repeat business and recommendation due to the good nature and helpfulness of our fitters. Our fitters are excellent and pride themselves on the work they do.

What about gripper and door bars?

We do not charge for these as extra’s as they are covered in the carpet costs displayed.

What about Underlay?

A good underlay will help your carpet last longer and in some instances we will recommend a better quality underlay and a less expensive carpet as the combination may be longer lasting.

When can you install it?

If the carpet is in stock we can fit usually within 2 weeks from receipt of order.

I have had a bad experience with a previous retailer and am unsure now?

Our business is built on trust and integrity. If you can be open and honest with us it helps us to understand your concerns and put measure in place to prevent problems happening again. 

Our team here at Milners of Leyburn will do everything we can to ensure all work is carried out smoothly and stress free. We also provide all customers with the opportunity to provide an evaluation of the goods and service they receive via our feedback cards as your experience means a great deal to us.