Thank you for using our dry cleaning service, which is provided by Green Earth. To ensure you enjoy the best possible results, please take the time to read the following information.

Green Earth  cannot accept wax fabrics to be dry cleaned. Beaded, sequined and silk garments will have an extra charge, if they are accepted. Other items that are sent to the dry cleaners must have a 'P' symbol on the inner label. If it does not have this symbol, we request that our customers complete a disclaimer form.

Submitting Items
When bringing in your garment, a member of our team will issue you with a ticket which must be presented on collection.

White Garments
At least a week is requested for cleaning white garments, as they may need to be processed more than once.

Blood & Mud Stains
Green Earth will try their best to remove these stubborn stains, however they regret that there is not guarantee they will be fully removed. Customers submitting stained items will be asked to complete a disclaimer.

Curtain prices vary depending on size, and whether the items are lined or unlined.

We also accept
Wedding gowns, Suits, Duvets, Blankets, Suite Covers, Animal Blankets etc.

Suede and leather garments are also included as part of our dry cleaning service. The cleaning of these types of garments is very different from regular dry cleaning, as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

All skins are different and can react differently to the cleaning process. Some garments will be constructed from more than one skin, which can lead to colour changes during cleaning depending on these individual reactions. Bite marks, scratches and other blemishes which are hidden during the manufacturing of the garment may become more apparent after cleaning. Once a stain has penetrated the skin, it can prove very difficult to remove.

The cleaning process gives an all-round general clean which also removes the natural oils from the skin, this in turn makes the skin appear lighter in colour and is corrected by re applying oils to bring back the depth of colour, although an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

Due to the nature of the process we ask you to allow 10 – 14 days for the cleaning of the skin items.

A customer consent from must be signed and dated before sending the garment(s) to be cleaned.

A price estimation can be provided on request.

Our collection/drop off days are Tuesday and Thursday each week. We recommend that you bring your dry cleaning in before 10am. When your garment has arrived back at Milners, we shall call/leave a message letting you know your dry cleaning is available to collect.

Urgent Return
If you require a fast turnaround, with the garment returned on the next drop off, please let us know, and we will request a priority return. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ring 01969 622208.

Important Note

Due to restricted space, we can only accept three garments to be cleaned per person per visit. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Milners of Leyburn are an agent for dry cleaning and therefore dry cleaning services are not undertaken by us or on these premises.

If items are presented for dry cleaning and are marked with a ℗ symbol, then this indicates that the garment is suitable to undergo the dry cleaning procedure.

All garments are placed in for dry cleaning services at the customers own risk. We advise customers to notify us of any concerns regarding garments prior to the cleaning service so that we can documents these.